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Cloud-based Communication for

See how a modern phone system provides connectivity across locations.

See how a modern phone system provides connectivity across locations.

Retail Communication that scales with your Business

Retail companies frequently operate numerous brick-and-mortar establishments, and this expansive physical presence necessitates distinct cloud service agreements for each location. This entails a unique cost structure per user, per month, tailored to the specific needs and demands of each individual store. Such diversity in agreements arises from the distinct geographic locations, customer demographics, and operational requirements associated with each retail outlet. Consequently, managing these varied agreements effectively becomes a vital aspect of a retail company’s cloud infrastructure strategy, ensuring that the cloud services seamlessly support the unique demands and growth potential of each store while optimizing cost efficiency across the entire network of locations.


What Makes RingLeader Different for Retail?

User-Fee-Free Model
Retail locations can now enjoy the benefits of our minute bundle plan without any per extension license fee per month. This means you have the flexibility to choose a plan that perfectly aligns with your specific needs, providing you with the most cost-effective solution for your communication requirements. With this budget-friendly option, you can optimize your resources and ensure seamless and efficient operations for your business.

Several Locations, One Solution
In many cases, for businesses with multiple retail locations, it can be quite cumbersome to manage separate service agreements for each site when it comes to maintaining cloud phone services. However, with RingVoice, you have the convenience of a single-minute bundle that seamlessly applies to all your locations, treating them as if they were operating from just one place. This streamlined approach ensures a hassle-free experience and allows you to focus on your core operations without the complexities of managing multiple agreements.

No Annual Contract
With no long-term commitment and all services being provided on a flexible month-to-month basis, retail organizations can choose the plan that perfectly fits their current needs. Whether you’re just starting out or have an established business, the ability to easily scale up or down as your requirements change ensures that you are always in control and can adapt to market demands with ease. This level of flexibility allows you to focus on driving your retail business forward without being constrained by rigid contract terms.


Real-World Example: Retail

Nadeen owns 5 boutiques on the West Coast. She wanted to lower her operational expenses with cloud-based voice service, but found that committing to a contract for each location and a license fee for each user at those locations was cost-ineffective. In some cases, users needed a phone extension but didn’t regularly use the phone.

Nadeen was looking for flexibility with:

  • Consolidating all her locations’ operational expenses into one plan for all locations (as if all her locations were in the same place).
  • A month-to-month commitment instead of a long-term annual commitment. Since COVID-19, Nadeen learned that planning for unexpected changes was necessary for her and her team.
  • Providing user-fee-free accounts to all her staff, contractors, and consultants to get everyone on the same system.

Nadeen uses RingVoice because it works the way her business demands. What could RingVoice do for you? Find out today!

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