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Cloud-based Communication for
Real Estate.

See how a modern phone system helps real estate companies operate and scale.

See how a modern phone system helps real estate companies operate and scale.

Real Estate Communication that Scales

Real Estate companies are contractor-driven organizations that typically operate from several locations. They share profits and overhead costs associated with providing a suite of services for agents and customers and require coordination among rental property management, property maintenance, groundskeeping services, and HOA support.


What Makes RingLeader Different for Real Estate Organizations?

User-Fee-Free Model
There is no per extension license fee per month, which provides significant cost savings for real estate organizations. They have the flexibility to purchase a minute bundle plan that is precisely tailored to their specific needs, ensuring the most cost-effective solution for their communication requirements.

Several Locations, One Solution
In many cases, when it comes to real estate field office locations, there is typically a need for separate service agreements to maintain cloud phone services. However, with RingVoice, you can enjoy the convenience of a single-minute bundle that applies to all your locations seamlessly, as if they were all in one place. This centralized approach streamlines communication and ensures consistent phone service across multiple offices, simplifying management and enhancing productivity.

No Annual Contract
With no long-term commitment and all services being provided on a flexible month-to-month basis, real estate organizations have the freedom to choose the plan that works best for their current needs. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to expand, scaling up or down is simple and hassle-free as your requirements evolve. Take advantage of the adaptable options tailored to ensure your organization’s success in the ever-changing real estate market.

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Real-World Example: Real Estate

Kevin is the operations manager of a regional real estate powerhouse. The company has a large footprint of regional offices in the Washington DC Metro area. He wanted to lower his operational expenses with cloud-based voice service. He found that committing to a contract for each location and a license fee for each user at those locations was cost-ineffective, especially as some users needed a phone extension but didn’t regularly use the phone.

Kevin was looking for flexibility with:

  • Consolidating all his locations’ operational expenses into one plan for all locations (as if all his locations were in the same place).
  • A month-to-month commitment instead of a long-term annual commitment. Since COVID-19, Kevin learned that planning for unexpected changes was necessary for him and his team.
  • Providing user-fee-free accounts to all his staff, agents, contractors, and consultants to get everyone on the same system. Whether at headquarters, a field office, or a home-based office, with no additional operational expense.

Kevin uses RingVoice because it works the way his business demands. What could RingVoice do for you? Find out today!

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