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Rapid Disaster Recovery.

Maintain critical communications during a disaster

Maintain critical communications during a disaster

Disaster Recovery Backup for Your Business

At any given moment, unforeseen emergencies and disasters can disrupt the regular course of operations. From weather-related outages to unexpected construction projects, the reliability of your communication system could potentially be jeopardized. Fortunately, RingLeader’s disaster recovery solutions can help your business swiftly recover and ensure uninterrupted communication during critical moments. RingLeader’s comprehensive solution is designed to provide the necessary support and resilience that will help your organization overcome any communication challenges when it matters most.


Disaster Recover
With this robust disaster recovery plan, in the event of an unforeseen catastrophe, you can switch over your primary phone service to a RingLeader SIP Trunk. This comprehensive plan includes 100 minutes of call time, 2 call paths for improved connectivity, and 1 direct inward dialing (DID) number for uninterrupted communication. All of these features are available at the affordable price of just $40 per month. Rest easy, knowing that your communication needs are well taken care of, even during the most challenging times.

With seamless efficiency, you can redirect incoming SIP calls to a wireless, PRI, or analog destination in the unfortunate event that your phone system goes offline during an emergency or disaster. Fear not, as once service is restored, the auto-detect failover feature will automatically route incoming calls back to your original internal number, all without requiring any action on your part. Take advantage of this reliable solution for just $10 per month.

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