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Cloud-based Communication for

See how a modern phone system provides safety in the classroom.

See how a modern phone system provides safety in the classroom.

Classroom Communication when it’s needed most

Every classroom needs a phone for convenience and in case of a critical incident. From day-to-day administration to mass communication in the event of a crisis, RingVoice connects each school location and classroom under a single-minute bundle as if they were in one location.


What Makes RingLeader Different for Educators?

User-Fee-Free Model
There is no per extension license fee per month, which means that schools and districts have the flexibility to purchase a minute bundle plan that aligns precisely with their specific needs. This allows them to ensure a cost-effective solution that optimizes their communication requirements and budget allocation.

Data Privacy
Nearly all schools across the nation are required to adhere to a federal mandate ensuring a high level of encryption when it comes to phone calls, fax communications, and instant messages. This stringent encryption protocol aims to safeguard any potentially sensitive student information from unauthorized access or misuse. At RingLeader, we prioritize the security of your data, providing you with the peace of mind that your information remains safe and protected.

No Annual Contract
With no long-term commitment, schools have the flexibility to choose from various plans offered on a month-to-month basis, ensuring they can find the option that meets their current needs. Furthermore, as the needs of the schools evolve, scaling up or down is a seamless process, allowing for easy adaptation and uninterrupted service.

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Real-World Example: Education

Sandy is the technology director for a rural school district in the Northern Neck of Virginia.

She wanted to lower the district’s operational expenses with a cloud-based voice service and found that individual contracts and license fees for each user weren’t cost-effective.

Sandy was looking for flexibility with:

  • Consolidating all her locations’ operational expenses into one plan (as if all her locations in the Northern Neck were located in a single location).
  • A month-to-month commitment instead of a long-term annual commitment. Since COVID-19, Sandy learned that planning for unexpected changes to the learning environment was necessary for her and her IT team. Should a rapid change in the learning environment occur, they need to be ready.
  • Providing user-fee-free accounts to all her staff, contractors, and consultants to get everyone on the same system. Whether at school board headquarters, rural middle school, urban high school, or a temporary classroom, she needed to feel confident she and her team could handle any communication challenge.

Sandy uses RingVoice because it works the way her school district demands. What could RingVoice do for you? Find out today!

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